Locomotive & Services

Building Industry Leading Locomotives

Driving high-tech change across the rail industry to reduce costs, streamline operations and increase performance.

Locomotive & Services

Delivering Lower Cost, Efficient, Digital Locomotives

GE Transportation builds the world’s most comprehensive and competitive locomotive portfolio that reduces operating costs, decreases fuel use, minimizes downtime and complies with stringent emissions standards.
  • Evolution Series Locomotive

    The Evolution Series Locomotive is the most technologically advanced, diesel-electric, heavy-haul locomotive in the world today.

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  • Powerhaul Series Locomotive

    The Powerhaul Series Locomotive is one of our most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient and low-emissions diesel-electric freight locomotives.

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  • AC4400 and DASH Series

    Since its introduction more than two decades ago, GE’s AC4400 locomotive has been proving its reliability and productivity in heavy-haul freight applications.

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  • NextFuel™ Natural Gas Retrofit

    Introducing our first dual-fuel locomotive retrofit kit.

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  • Parts & Upgrades

    Designed to improve tractive effort, fuel efficiency, and reliability while minimizing life cycle costs using real-time data.

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  • Services

    24hoursWith the global locomotive services of GE Transportation, customers get the right support right when they need it with a goal of increasing product reliability, improving asset utilization and reducing operating expenses.

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  • Industry Pillars & Attributes

    Building the Most Advanced Locomotives

    1. Increasing Fuel Efficiency

      Increasing Fuel Efficiency

      Our products use up to 5% less fuel and are 6% more fuel efficient than GE Transportation’s closest competitor in North America as validated by a nationally recognized, independent research institute.
    2. Delivering AC Individual-Axle Traction Control

      Delivering AC Individual-Axle Traction Control

      Evolution Series Locomotives deliver GE Transportation’s industry-leading AC individual-axle traction-control technology that enables greater hauling power by significantly reducing slippage on startups, inclines, and during suboptimal track conditions...
    3. Meeting Stringent Emission Standards

      Meeting Stringent Emission Standards

      Part of the Ecomagination-certified Evolution Series, GE’s new Tier 4 locomotive will decrease emissions by more than 70 percent from Tier 3 technology and can help railroad customers avoid expenses in urea infrastructure and operational costs. After near